This was a one color letterpress invitation suite for Penny and Brian. Penny was super easy to work with and so enjoyable. I have to say, the whole time I was designing this invitation I kept humming Penny Lane by The Beatles! I know, original. It’s like when people call out to my “Yo Adrienne!” from Rocky – I digress. Penny’s whole wedding will be wildflowers and outdoors in the wilderness. Since I’ve lived in the bedroom community of Jackson Hole, this was fun to work on because it’s right in the vein of living rural. We have a strip of grass on the outside of our driveway with an 80×6′ garden of wildflowers. It was so amazing last summer to see the California poppies, lupine, aster, hawkweed and more blooming in bright color in my front yard. Can you tell I’m itching for spring?!


If you are a budget bride looking for letterpress, but aren’t sure you can afford it, you should consider a one color invitation. This one is simple and minimalist however I’ve seen some really intricate and beautiful wedding invitations done as a one color as well. If you are interested in an estimate, don’t hesitate to ask!