So I got this really cool idea from the recent Modern Bride Magazine that inspired me to implement something similar on my blog. They did an alphabet of wedding details in their recent issue and I thought it would be great to have a series for Wedding + Life Event Details (called WED) with each topic starting with a letter from the Alphabet. You think boring, I think not!

This feature will run throughout the year, with each letter going roughly about a week depending on how much I can cram in. I wanted to incorporated life events too as they are just as important – so while you’ll see a lot of bridal references, there will always be something a little extra for kids, or that can cross over to a party/birthday or holiday that will be related to the “Letter Topic”.

Things that will be covered may include any of the following: Wedding clothes, SHOES, Etsy finds, Maids and Men Features, accessories, decor ideas, DIY on the CHEAP, typography suggestions, GIVEAWAYs, new Dingbat designs, and more!

Appropriately, I wanted to roll it out today seeing that it’s Wednesday, and the acronym I’ll be using in the future to reference the posts will be WED. So without further rambling, the letter A!