So I was trained in classical ballet for 14 years only to have it all ruined by tendonitis in my knees that kept flaring up (and after I stopped dancing I got an inevitable big chest too – that wouldn’t have helped the stage presence). However, if I were to do my wedding over again I might go for a Swan Lake theme as those ballet shoes and dancer legs just keep pulling at my heartstrings after all these years.

Ironically now that Martha Stewart is posting all images from back issues I was able to find the actual cake form my own wedding in 2000 (seen below) and use that as a starting point once again. Some things never change!

Swan Lake Board 

From  top Left to Right:

CAKE – MS Weddings  :::: DRESS – Priscilla of Boston :::: SHOES – Repetto ::::

CORSAGE – Satanica Velvet and Lace w/ feather corsage and pearls ::::

FLOWER GIRL – Priscilla of Boston ::::

HAIR FASCINATOR – BaroqueAndRoll Victorian white and black feather fascinator ::::

BRIDAL OVERCOAT – Priscilla of Boston

MAIDS – BananaRepublic

RING – I know this one totally doesn’t fit, but I just love it – Benchmark