A romantic at heart, I LOVE a great classic (especially a Jane Austen). These wedding invitations are part of the new wedding collection we are launching for brides looking for a more budget friendly letterpress option, as custom suites can get expensive quite quick!

The letterpress collection will have flexible pricing so you can choose your paper weight, number of inks, and add in additional wedding suite pieces as well as liners, corner options and edge painting.

Don’t you just love this pretty sparkly ribbon? It is velvet/glitter. Doesn’t get much better than that!

A great way to save money on a letterpress suite is to do the invite as the central piece will all the bells and whistles, followed by the inserts on an economical paper with a single ink color.

Tags are a great way to thank your guests or escort them to their tables.

Here is that sparkly ribbon in plum this time around. Great substitution for a belly band!

We LOVE handwriting and think it is sooo fabulous. If you would like us to use yours that would be really fabulous, just send us a scan of some samples in how your letters connect as well as a few alphabets in upper case, lower case and small caps.

In case there was hesitation with the gold/plum combo our letterpress wedding line can be done in any color pairing that suits your fancy. This suite was printed on 110# Lettra paper, two inks – plum and matte antique gold, and paired with ribbon and plum envelopes.