This will be a series of posts for custom work I’ve wrapped up for clients. I hope to show the different rounds of proofs as well as the bride’s comments, and if provided, her inspiration board for a starting point.

Kirstin was a really fabulous bride to work with and had a lot of good starting indeas. This was one of the first proofs presented. Her color scheme was light and dark blue as well as silver/greys.

One of the concepts she initally wanted to explore was nature. They are honeymooning in Glacier and love the outdoors. She’s drawn to the mountains, tundra, evergreens, big lakes and they both like hiking and speding their time toghether this way.

This proof (inv/env) reflected that nature element, however eventually wasn’t chosen because she’s from the midwest – kind of weird trying to convey mountains on an invitation for a wedding location in a really flat area.Northenscold RIDates and addresses changed to protect the identity of the bride.