This letterpress wedding suite was printed last fall for a Victorian Christmas wedding. Often I have the bride & groom looking for budget letterpress and I usually recommend a wedding suite with one ink color in that situation. So many people shy away from estimates if it includes only one ink color, however I wanted to provide an example of how beautiful a suite with one ink color can look! This couple had their budget pretty conservative but needed a lot of pieces in the suite so on the initial consult I provided an estimate for a 1 color suite. Since I was working with a designer (the groom), he was open to the option as well. In the end, it was printed on the thick 110# paper, and included was the reply/food option insert as well as a directions/map insert along with the initial invitation and outer envelope. When utilizing illustration in your wedding invitation design, you can really pack a lot into your design with only one ink color and still have it impress your recipients, so don’t rule it out from the beginning!