This is Adam, our 18 mo. old neighbor. After a tragic incident on the 24th, he has been life-flighted to the closest children’s hospital (SLC) and is in the ICU fighting for his life. He is 18 months and the youngest child in his family. The hospital is 350 miles from Idaho, and both of his parents are down there praying for a miracle and full recovery for Adam – waiting by his bedside. The rest of their kids are here in Idaho with extended family and neighbors. Susan & George are amazing parents, live a life of service to others, and have so much love for each of their children. My heart is breaking to see this happen to such a wonderful family. Please help and be entered to win some awesome goods!

To raise money for Adam’s life-flight and hospital bill, I am offering a free set of (100) letterpress 2 color wedding invitations and reply cards for every $2000 worth of money raised. That means if we raise $10k there will be (5) FIVE people who could win.

Winners will be randomly selected on July 31st. To qualify, you need to contribute $10 to Adam’s PayPal fund (button below). I know via my stats that I get at least 400 unique visitors a day to this site. That means that if 200 contribute, then we’ve hit our first giveaway package! AND for every $10 you contribute you’ll get an extra entry to up your chances of winning!

You may remember Jessica’s custom design proofs for her suite that was blogged about awhile back. Well it’s time to unveil the finished piece!


Final calligraphy letterpress invitation

Jessica’s invites are a 1 color suite – remember that you are entered to win a 2 color suite! Click to donate and help Adam, all proceeds will go to help pay for his life-flight and hospital stay!