I don’t know if you are familiar with the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, so if not I’ll indulge you:

There were these princesses that seduced men and took them to an underground kingdom to dance the night away. The king was offering a reward to anyone who could solve the mystery of the twelve dancing princesses (and find out where all the other princes had disappeared to). The royal gardener wanted a shot at solving the mystery and a chance of winning a princess for his bride – so he befriended the youngest princess in hopes to get invited for a night of dancing. When finally invited, he was required to follow the princesses to the secret kingdom. While underground he passed through a forest of silver and gold and stole a branch of leaves off each tree. In a nutshell, the royal gardener solved the mystery, but only by passing through the underground kingdom and by bringing back proof to the king – oh wait and he stole the heart of the youngest daughter who confessed it all to the king in the end.

yellow aspen wedding escort cards

These letterpress gift cards/enclosures/escort cards reminded me of what I had imagined the forest of gold to be like. Bright, gleaming, and elegant you can get these as a set of five or order in bulk for an event if you’d like!