This invitation suite was beautifully calligraphied by Kathryn of Della Carta whom we work with regularly for calligraphy calling cards. THe bride is looking for an ice blue or pool color paired with a gold. She wants some shimmer which can be interesting with letterpress as our inks are matte. When you print on uncoated paper stock you lose the ability to have a glossy ink and also the sheen that metallic inks can put off. While the inks are mixed with mica flecks to give it that shimmer, I am always advising brides that the ink will be a matte metallic. If you are looking for something super shiny, then a foil is the way to go. Presses with a foiling unit usually have the inking disabled and a foiling unit is attached. From there spools of foil are wound through and with plate and heat, the foil is impressed into the paper giving it that super shiny look. I love seeing foil work done by other presses, and maybe someday I’ll get a windmill with a foiling unit for Dingbat Press.

This bride is looking for a shimmer pop but isn’t necessarily going for the foil so we are going to go the matte metallic route and utilize shimmer in the liners or envelopes. By using an antique gold ink it will give a hint of shimmer, or we can add silver ink to the pool options to get that blue a little shimmery as well. Which one would you go with?