Bridesmaid's & Groom's Men, Art Deco

In continuation with the A = Art Deco, this inspiration board is for those looking to outfit their maids and men in the wedding party. Again drawing from many of the vintage illustrations and photographs of the time, it was wasy to see the prevelance of feathers, pearls, and often Chinese motifs and decor.

From left to right, here are some items sure to be a hit with anything Art Deco.

Maid’s Peacock Chinese Fan: This would be a great, cost effetive way to replace the maids flowers that often get left in vases around the reception instead of being carried. Outfitted with a wrist tassel, they could dangle to the maid’s side for an added look of elegance (and great for whipping those groomsmen around if needed). Check back MONDAY for a DIY on these. SO easy and cheap! Product details available then too.

Pearls: Try to buy local if you can, many jewelers are offering great buying incentivies right now due to the dwindling economy!

Peacock Boutt #1: This is actually a hair clip, but I think it could double nicely as a pin for the lapel on the men’s suits or as a bouttonniere. Made by Etsy artisian SweetGrassMill, be sure to stop by her shop for some other amazing pieces!

Button Boutt #2: I just love the mod addition of the button to this pin. Another great bouttonniere alternative to the flower boutt. Way to pull it off, WhichGoose!

Paper Fans: If you are having little girls in the bridal party, these would be perfect for them to play with and keep occupied, as well as provide something a little more exciting regarding color! They could also be a maids accessory if you’d like, coming in at under $1.00 per fan. Think how you could dress one of these up for the big day!

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