As you know, I’m expecting my third child. Along with the complications I’ve had with this pregnancy, I’ve been humbled as I’ve struggled to keep my business running smoothly with wacky health on top of regular motherhood responsibilities. Most accountants say that small businesses don’t make it past their 3rd year, and with the recession officially announced I’m constantly wondering if I’ll be the next to flop. I’m not writing to increase sales in my Etsy shop but to explain that if the shop closes or I end up not posting new product, it’s not for a lack of desire to continue but more because of a change of priorities. 

As the holiday season approaches, many challenges have come about that have really humbled me. I’m not one to wallow in sorrow and feel sorry for myself, yet feel inclined to share for those who may be questioning my slowness (in business transactions and pretty much everything else) previously related to just a pregnancy. While I’ve had many compassionate clients, I don’t feel it fair for them to have waited patiently for a product and not feel it satisfactory. I’ve tried in whatever way I can to amend the problems with the few orders that went out this month but it seems necessary to explain myself as I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to put towards new product this year or towards this blog. 
This last month after seeing my doctor and learning I am still not gaining sufficient weight for this pregnancy, I received a phone call that my mother had experienced a cerebral hemorhage and stroke. I immediately drove 450 miles to the hospital she was admitted to, to attend to her as well as my dad during this difficult time. Within 24 hours I was notified by my husband that our 4 year old had been hospitalized and was borderline going into shock and potentially a coma. He was immediately diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I ended up driving back home the following morning and have been in the hospital here with him and my amazing husband since. 
It has been a humbling and emotional time for me and our family and I may have not made the best of judgement concerning printed jobs that went out these last few weeks due to the stress and upheaval I’ve been experiencing with my family. I apologize to my more custom clients that feel their product was unsatisfactory in any way and wish I could have been in a better position to be the neurotic person that I usually am in printing and fulfilling orders. 
I hope as you all go about your holiday activities, that you will prioritize and evaluate your relationships with those you love and be thankful for the blessings that are in your life. You never know how long family will be around or when you’ll be required to meet their needs as they have met yours, and I only hope that as I experience these trials I can be better about the things that matter most.
I don’t know when I’ll be returning to blogging with these new responsibilities but will continue to update my shop as frequently as I can under the circumstances. 
Lastly I want to express my love to my amazing husband, family and friends. Without them I would be barely surviving. My mom has been an incredible example through her new challenges with never-ending optimism and good humor. She is determined to get going again and not let this set her back. My husband has been mr. mom literally for the 8 weeks I was on bed rest – cleaning, cooking, and being a great Dad and husband. He packed me up to go see my mom and then ended up in the hospital hours later with our sweet little trooper boy. My brothers and sister-in-law have cried with me as I’ve needed someone to talk to and my father has been a real man of iron during this whole ordeal while attending to my mother AND being paranoid about his little pregnant daughter. My extended family has swept in like saving angels and my husband’s family have really been inspiring by thier kindness and love during this challenging time. Not to mention all the friends that surprised me with their loyalty and charity. My heart is full of gratitude during this trying time, and is comforted that all will be well eventually as miracles are constantly manifesting themselves as the days progress. 
Thank you to everyone for the support of this blog and if I can eventually work it back in I will be so happy to contribute to it again, but as for now there are other things that need my attention. Keep up all of your own wonderful blogging as I still visit them for inspiration and a quick pick-me up, and please don’t hesitate to let those you love know of all the things that you appreciate about them.
May your holidays be merry and bright and full of love.