Wow. It’s liberating watching 3 men for 3 hours dig an 8×8′ – yes FOOT – hole in my front yard. Occasionally a head will peep out but for the most part they’ve gone more than six feet under (and sometimes I wish they’d stay there). The best part out of all of this? It’s currently 3:34 in the am.

This is the second time in the last 14 months digging has happened (I won’t even start to count the single-hour outages that don’t require digging). Power outages in my rural subdivision, hours of freezing and bundling up in the house, what fun! Along with the new worry that our hundreds of dollars of insulin in the fridge will go bad if something doesn’t get done FAST, I have now found the joys of realizing that 1) I need to buy at least one of these and about 1,000 of these for emergencies:


And what’s with being pregnant, it being winter, and power outages are abound? I love that it’s close to 10 degrees outside and these poor men are stuck in my new hole with a now ripped up sprinkler system, reviving a 30 year old broken buried power line, in coveralls and sweatshirts.

The last time this happened you say? Thanksgiving 2007. I had 2 turkeys in the oven. I was told that they’d temporarily fix the line and come back in the spring to replace the whole line that extends the length of our 1 acre lot on the east side. They also said they’d replace our landscaping, and fix the sprinklers. Let’s just say our lawn dried up pretty fast last summer…and I gave up on that section of the yard for a season. Good thing, as I’d probably be more than close to crying to see all my hard work ripped up for the second time.

Why oh why can’t they just do what should have been done the first time? Tired, pregnant, winter, sick kids and power outages are not a good combination. Signing off at 4am, and they’re still not done!