Since I seem to get sick of hearing myself talk in my brain, it’s no wonder you might get sick of me too. So to give myself a break and you as well, Thursdays (which is already over) will be dedicated to new and Noteworthy things that the Dingbat has been putting through the studio. It’s a photo post with little to read. As my 3 year old would say “Paaray” instead of “Hooray” (or as we hics pronounce it haaray). I’m starting to think there is too little religious influence in my home if he continues to exclaim Paa-ray! every time he’s ecstatic about something. Amen.
For fall : Copper Damask place cards or gift tags with chocolate mini-lopes.
Business Cards, letterpress
Need a business card or calling card? I’ve now listed them on Etsy, they are ALWAYS custom, because I love you!