After all that delicious cupcake pop talk, I’m working the food dictionary these days. For those of you that aren’t familiar with letterpress, or you’re that bride that wants this font on their wedding invitations, I’ll be making posts randomly (because that’s how I work, out of sheer randomness) on my favorite typefaces. 

I’m what you call a type nerd recluse. At one point I thought it would be fun to teach my three-year-old the Alphabet. Not just the ABC’s mind you. I had this brilliant idea that I could design these cool alphabet flash cards with “A is for Aachen”, and “B is for Bembo”. Evidently, my 3 year old didn’t find it at all amusing or educational. He prefers the letter factory type of learning for the real hard stuff. I guess it’s good he’s not a neurotic as me.
So anticipation set aside, here’s a little glimpse of my FAVORITE typographic element, the initial cap, or drop cap. These can be so beautiful as a stand alone or I really love it set in a paragraph with really thick margins, poetry anybody? How about included on a set of wedding stationery in replacement of a monogram? If you fancy these as I do, let me know and I’ll print some up and list them in the shop!