So I turned the big 27 last Tuesday and have been collecting some cash gifts as a result. Thanks family :) While pondering what I could spend this cash on (seeing that I haven’t bought an article of clothing/accessories for myself since 2007), I think I’ve found the perfect purchase.


I admit, buying things for myself is a hard thing to do these days. When it comes down to it I’ve kind of become a comparison shopper. My thought process usually goes as follows, “$100 shoes vs. $100 vial of insulin” or “clothes for me vs. clothes for 4 year old who’s finally growing now that his body is on insulin therapy.” Or maybe “new car/$400 monthly payment or $400 worth of prescriptions/month for healthy child”.


Not that I’m complaining – I find that even with the difficulties that we face as a family with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes there are blessings that come with it too. One being that it’s good to have things to pay for to help your children live vs. having other things that aren’t considered a necessary “living” expense. The others just don’t seem that important any more.


However since it’s time to treat myself I’ve looked long and hard for something I really need (with a little bit of want in there too). A watch has been one of those need/but can’t find the right one sort of issues. But alas! My problems are solved. Presenting the limited edition 4×4 Nixon Rubber Player watch. I know it’s a men’s watch but I like large wrist accessories. AND that yellow is really the perfect color for a purchase like this. I can already imagine this watch saying things to me like: “I’m happy” and “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” or  “You need something to get you places on time now that you have 3 kids.”

And lastly the most important thing this watch says is, “Life goes on, you’ve made it this far how about adding another 27 years of bliss to the mix!”

It goes on sale st 10 am PST so wish me luck in snagging one, I’ll be aggressively stalking their website minutes before launch. If I come away empty handed I think I might just cry.