Saturday Surprise

With a little Saturday morning window shopping, I came across some of these from the Re-define Your Style section on Etsy.

This clip is super awesome from new seller Apezoppa. This comb makes me glad I’m utilizing pregnancy hormones to grow my hair long again, I just might have to order one for the “hospital bag” since everything else will look hammered after childbirth! 

After finding the Ampersand Necklace  from seller CrumpetCake, I realized that I don’t have ONE charm on my bursting charm bracelet that is typographic. For that matter, I don’t think I even bought a charm for when I graduated with my bachelors degree! Shame, shame this might have to get added to the collection as well. 

Lastly, I just thought these simple swirl topaz earrings were so cool with the square ear-hooks. Find them here by seller BadCatJewelry who’s got some other awesome stuff as well. The photography alone just makes me drool.