So I have this internet friend. Lisa, from Pen & Ink Calligraphy. Also of the Pen & Ink Journal.

Forever ago she ordered some of my Poppy Mini Enclosures and Aster place cards to do some calligraphy samples on, and since then I’ve enjoyed seeing what she can do with my goods. I SO wish I had the talent for a beautiful penned hand, but alas I don’t so I just send her bags of goodies to write on instead!

As I was checking her blog I realized it has been a little while because there was a new look and feel to it:


If you click on her image above you’ll be directed to her blog where yes she WRITES her own blog posts. The first thing I thought was “dang. that is one awesome looking handwritten font.” then I thought, “wait, web fonts don’t do that” followed by third “marketing genius” for a calligrapher. What a fabulous way to showcase and practice her work. This is such a different approach and so soft on the eyes vs. reading all the billions of serifed letters.

Way to make it your own Lisa! Go check it out, you might want to do it for yourself it’s just so great!