So I thought it would be easier to find new frames but now I’m feeling hopeless. I guess it goes that when you have an idea about what you want, you inevitably can not find it. I’m super sight challenged and have worn glasses since I was 18 months old for various reasons. Now that I’m going to have another baby, I know my prescription will change yet again as it has with every other pregnancy and I’ll be even blinder than before. After hours of searching, this is what I’ve come up with.

framesI initially wanted some super lemon opaque square frames but alas they don’t exist, not with the chunky sides. So here are some others that have caught my eye. Granted I won’t be buying for another 6 months due to the fact that they don’t recommend getting new lenses until you’ve nursed for at least a few months (I guess your vision can continue to change from pregnancy to delivery to nursing). So if any of you have suggestions PLEASE send them over! There isn’t anything I’m totally over the moon with yet, only time will tell I guess.