Lizzy House, YourCarSeatCover.Etsy.Com

So I’ve been looking for a well made customized carseat cover for each of my kids – never had any luck finding one that didn’t look like a bag – maybe I didn’t look hard enough. Sorry Graco, you just don’t cut it when it comes to designing fabric :(

Red Letter Day, Lizzy House, Carseat Cover,

I did one more search a few weeks back on Etsy to find the new shop YourCarseatCover
and after looking at closeup shots of Heather’s photos I thought I’d give it a try. And I really wanted to be her first buyer! So I ordered some of my new favorite fabric by designer Lizzy House from her new collection Red Letter Day. You can find it here at FreshSqueezedFabrics on Etsy too!

As you can see in the results above, FABULOUS! I was beyond thrilled and will be gushing about Heather and her impeccible sewing skillz forever. I sew a lot so can recognize master craftsmanship when I see it, something I have yet to attain in that arena!

Be sure to check her out because the best part of it all? It was only $45 for a custom cover, headrest, and canopy (not including fabric). Thanks to FreshSqueezed for working with my demanding shipping needs, and to Heather for making this in a record 1 day! The cover came in the mail the day we got home from the hospital!