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sUPER excited about these little letterpress notes! They debuted at NSS last year, however we had a ton of city requests so the collection is rounded out at 27 cities (for now) all that were shown at the stationery show 2012. Here are a few of my favorites, all of which you can get in sets of 6 on Etsy immediately! Letterpress printed on Arturo gravel paper, sized as a 4Bar folded note with a blank interior. Sold as a set of 6 notes (and soon as singles, journals and coasters), this collection is printed in black ink, sketched and designed here in Idaho and then finished with colorfast watercolor paint. Each card will be slightly different due to the hand painted nature of the product.

many of the cards launched this year were US destinations, however more international landmarks were part of the 2011 launch and we have an ongoing list. If you’d like to see something that isn’t in the shop put it in the comments and we’ll get cracking on it! Can’t wait to hear what landmarks you want us to do next…

Natasha Cusiel, letterpress business cards

these cards shipped out the last quarter of 2012 for a recent graduate who was looking for tasteful business cards to launch her career as well as portfolio. Natasha provided files to us and we advised about how it could go on press. Because of the reverse print area and the largeness of the negative space, sometimes when we reverse print larger imagery it creates a faux emboss where the white (negative area) actually raises up out of the paper, because the rest of the printed material is pushed into the paper. Now, not all reverse prints will give this look. Fine linework or small and scaled artwork may not even be noticeable and the print will result in a much flatter look because of the coverage area involved. The great part about a large faux emboss though is that unlike embossing plates, there is no show through on the back side of the card with letterpress faux emboss.

What do you think? Faux emboss or simple flat print area?

Clara and Andy | Custom Wedding Suite

wrapping up the end of the week, hopefully everyone has had a chance to enter for the last two giveaways – because here comes the BIG ONE (yes, it only happens once) where we GIVE you (well, one lucky person) a set of letterpress wedding invitations! AND because we are going all out with this new site, you will not only get the standard set of 100 Invites/Envelope set paired with flat RSVP & envelope, but we are upgrading your paper to 220# SUPERTHICK, AND adding in edge painting. Hey, we’ll even throw in the design (or the winner can submit their own design files, and we’ll work with you to make it press ready).

IF YOU WANT TO WIN an awesome letterpress wedding suite then you can do so in one (or all) of the following ways for an entry:

1) Follow us on twitter @DingbatPress and like us on Facebook

2) Tweet the new site or giveaway on your twitter feed and include a url as well as hashtag #DPWeddingWIN for an entry. Tweet as often as you like, you can have up to 5 tweets count towards an entry for you. Tweet MUST contain hashtag AND a link to this post.

3) Post a link on your Facebook wall to this blog post and come back to comment with a link in your comment that will direct me to your Facebook post. (one entry)

4) RE-PIN one of these images from this post with has tag #PinToWin_DPWedding in the description field. (only one pin entry allowed, can’t add to multiple boards)

5) Comment here with you’re favorite wedding suite available for purchase in the shop!

6) Request an estimate for your dream wedding suite (or whatever suits your fancy) and if you don’t win, you can still get 20% off your order for wedding invites if placed and paid in full by March 30th!

The TERMS: Contest open internationally. We will not rush this suite. Turn around will be between 4-6 weeks from start to ship date. Design specs include 3 initial designs presented, with 3 rounds of revisions. Wedding suite MUST be redeemed by March 1st, 2013. No substitutions regarding paper stock, ink colors, edge painting or swapping pieces – This suite is for a set of 100, 2 color Wedding Invitation/envelopes and RSVP/envelopes + Design. Winner cannot redeem winning goods as a cash prize.

CONTEST CLOSES: Sunday 3.11.12 at midnight MST. Winners for this week’s contests will be announced Tuesday!

These cards were letterpress printed on 220# arturo with Pantone match and matte metallic gold inks as a 1/1 business card for Phoebe. Phoebe is an excellent graphic designer and designed these cards for her branding collateral as an extension of her already awesome website. I am a big fan of chevrons lately and am totally digging these wide set ones on the back of Phoebe’s card, how about you? Edge painted with a custom mix strawberry ink, thanks Phoebe for being so excellent to work with! I loved how these turned out.

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I’m a push-over for vintage names – the less used the better. When I was pregnant with Evelyn back in 2007 I really loved the name Hazel. Then Julia Roberts had to name her baby Hazel. I was over ruled as well on Hazel because all my in-laws were joking about her being called Hazelnut Berry. Apparently my husband was sometimes called blueberry (I can’t remember why). People are SO smart…or at least they think they are! After Hazel was ruled out, I defaulted to my next favorite, Evelyn, and the minute she was born she was my sweet Evelyn Marie. In a world of perfect pregnancies, painless labors, mental stability and anti-aging bodies – I would love to have a few more babies. Wouldn’t it be so cute to have a little Frankie and Georgie (Francis and Georgia) running around the …

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Hi friends! I’m excited to launch a new daily blog post that will be a collection of colors sampled from various images I’ve seen on Pinterest, Flickr and elsewhere. These will be in addition to regular blog posts regarding letterpress and design. Color is so important to a brand image and paper goods and hopefully these color palettes will get you thinking about how color translates on paper as well as in different print and web applicatons. The Smudge of Ink series will have an inspirational image, pantone swatches, CMYK coordinates, RGB HEX (for web), and sRGB values. While there is no perfect match across the board if you are using more than one medium to promote your business or match your big event, however these formulas will help close the gap with wondering what will be a good match in different applications. …

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When ever you look at typography or monograms do you immediately go for your “letter”? I think the letter A has to be my favorite (obviously) – whimsical and fancy, these letterpress monogram notes are hard not to keep all to myself. If you remember back in May, these were debuted at National Stationery Show and were a HUGE hit! Due to our unexpected and complicated summer it took a lot longer to get these beauties shipped out to our new stores! The last of the packages have finally shipped just in time for holiday buying and are now available in the shop as well. Ready to score a letter “A” set for yourself for FREE? Leave a comment with your favorite “A” name, or the “A” name of someone you’d gift this to. Tweet for an extra entry with the hashtag …

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This invitation suite was beautifully calligraphied by Kathryn of Della Carta whom we work with regularly for calligraphy calling cards. THe bride is looking for an ice blue or pool color paired with a gold. She wants some shimmer which can be interesting with letterpress as our inks are matte. When you print on uncoated paper stock you lose the ability to have a glossy ink and also the sheen that metallic inks can put off. While the inks are mixed with mica flecks to give it that shimmer, I am always advising brides that the ink will be a matte metallic. If you are looking for something super shiny, then a foil is the way to go. Presses with a foiling unit usually have the inking disabled and a foiling unit is attached. From there spools of foil are wound through …

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This card was fun to research and find an appropriate saying to pair with it. In the end I decided that religious or not, we can all agree that its not easy being a saint – especially when there is work to get done, or beds to be made, or children that need feeding. But having the right attitude can sure make a difference in the outcome of any chore or task. Saint or not, what are your dreaded tasks that could use a morning prayer or glass of wine at the end of the day? This card makes me chuckle. When designing it, I intended to portray the image that good kings are best served when they serve their people. But when it came off press I kept wanting to read it instead of true kings serve their people well but …

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