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It’s that time again to check in with my resolutions for 2011 and check-list. First off, I still haven’t bought anything for myself yea! Although iPhone 4 (yeah the one with the cracked screen 3 weeks after buying) has met an even more depressing demise- it dropped again, this time bumper cover and all, about 18″ and the rest of the screen shattered. I can’t really read anything anymore, but the touch functionality mostly works. It’s been taped up with packing tape. June couldn’t come fast enough for iPhone 5. Sheesh! Wedding invites were out the door for my brother-in-law – 650 of them, another sheesh! That made for an insane weekend! Things accomplished for NSS – The Book was previewed. There was a price cut on the Lettra 600 GSM – but not enough to temp us. So we’ve officially switched …

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