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here’s another holiday sneak peek – what do you think about an offset collection for quick ordering and customization? We certainly will continue on with the letterpress, but many have requested an offset option for holiday greetings because they need a quick turnaround.

This design is for those wishing to announce a new arrival for the holidays – more, many more genres to come. Gosh I miss my babies (although they have turned out to be pretty cute kids too)!


Super excited to share this with you! I’ve been asked lately how my process works when I’m in illustrator creating a design. Often I have ideas that are a very rough sketch in my sketchbook and then I take to the computer to hash it out and explore my options. Below is a design I submitted (vote to the left if you like it) to Minted for their Take Note! Women’s Stationery Design Challenge. This is a take off of striped typography. I was going for something elegant and minimalist with a twist (or a stripe). Being a printer at hear it was hard to tell myself that the end result would be for offset printing, as it would look SO cool letterpress printed. If you click on the image you can zoom in to see the detail of the name and …

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Thanks to everyone who voted for Minimalist Celtic Wedding last November/December on Minted. I’m excited to announce that it won in the juried division and Minted will be carrying the design for 2012. Below is the full suite, as well as the three colorways I’m submitting. SOOO excited! celadon | chocolate | buff pool | plum | slate almond | papaya | deep coral

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