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Hannah Maple Studios

these business cards were printed for Hannah a few months back. She had submitted design files and specs for letterpress and we recommended based off the design. The stock we used for these cards were Gmund’s 110# cover in Pine duplexed to 110# black. The black side of the cards had a blind impression with a varnish printed in the pattern of a snake skin and then over-printed with studio info in a light tan as well.

For extra saturation we printed the information side in registration black so the pine paper didn’t show through (black tends to want to be extra transparent sometimes).

I love how these cards, paired with the edge painting, look like two almost completely different cards because of the two paper colors. Beautiful contrast, thanks Hannah for being so awesome to work with!


If you are interested in letterpress business cards, we can design and print them as well as commercially print your own designs. Head over here to get an estimate and some samples! We’d love to see what you’ve got up your sleeve or hear about your vision!

These cards were designed and printed by Emily who worked for me this last year on press and in the studio, who is now doing more project managing now that she has left us for Denver and the hubby’s internship. As Emily described it, she wanted to explore overlay printing before she left and thought a manly plaid would fit well since her husband Chris, also a graphic designer,  was a pro at sporting plaid shirts everywhere he could. What turned out as a happy mistake (those that you don’t intend to make but end up being really cool) was the fact that these were printed as 2×3.5″ business cards. However when trimming (it was the end of a very long day), half of the stack was flipped and trimmed wrong. Talk about heart-attack moment! After talking it over and looking at …

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These letterpress business cards were designed by the client and were a fun project to work on. I LOVE die-cuts! Below is a great example of a flood print. In our artwork approval (your contract that you sign before we head to press) it outlines a few variables that are important with letterpress printing to note. One is color variation between prints. On our presses we print and re-ink between every 25 impressions on floods. This helps keep color consistent, however it can still be tricky. While we strive for perfect consistency, our product is part of an antique printing process. Unlike offset presses, our presses do not have digital inking fountains so all our print runs are done by comparison. Here is a sample “fan” of Elliott’s cards that we felt were a match to his pantone specification, and shows slight …

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I have to say, I have some awesome brothers. Both of which I love dearly! Matt, the little brother, worked for Dingbat last year before he started grad school and if you remember he did a few great posts on business Friday. As a thank you, these were supposed to be at NSS last year for him to hand out but they got lost in a shipping snafu and then buried for a few months back at the studio. I finally was able to find them and dig them out as well as photograph them and get them sent off to their rightful owner. A few things about Matt, he really liked this flying pig that was rejected by another client. He claimed it as his own. Matt’s personality is all about having fun, enjoying life and having a positive attitude. He …

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SO excited to show these, they’ve been hanging out here in draft space for quite some time! We’re launching some updated calling card designs (but will still continue the beloved calligraphy calling card). One of them is our QR code card. These are for the minimalist techie addict, and thanks to the genius of smartphones (THANK YOU STEVE JOBS) these would be a great new way to send out your contact info without flooding the card with loads of info. Letterpress QR code business cards, printed on Legion Eco-rag 220# with registration black ink. Edge painted in black ink, sized at 2.5×2.5″ – you can read the full write up on the letterpress project at FPO (UnderConsideration). So excited!! Want some of these rad cards for yourself? Contact us for an estimate (they are quite well priced)!

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Remember my post awhile back about Cyrillic typefaces? Well here’s the finished project for Shannon who is already on her way to Russia for some travel time. This is a fabulous example of two things- 1) the edge paint – here it is on a 110# weight letterpress card. I think it is a misconceived notion that edge painting looks good only on the 220#/super thick cards. This is a perfect visual that it looks great on the 110# stock as well. The thing about the 110# is that it’s just a little more subtle. I like to think that it’s the small details that sometimes pack the biggest punch! The second fabulous example is that 2) this card looks amazing with lots of negative space. People that aren’t familiar with the orientation of a business card often want to completely fill …

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