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Monogram Wedding Invitation, Letterpress

i love these invites because they were printed on ecru paper with a matte metallic gold and black ink. There’s something so warm and inviting about ecru paper that people tend to look over when selecting their wedding invitations. This specific ecru is from the Lettra line in the 110# weight. Paired with black reply envelopes and matching ecru invite envelopes, this suite gave the perfect sophistication for an elegant affair.

I’m also excited to start unveiling our new styling for these invites as well as 20 other wedding suites over the next two months – they are getting a photographed makeover for when we launch the wedding collection at NSS. Can’t hardly wait to show you the others!

This was one of those jobs when I received the files that I squealed with delight. This illustration is awesome, to say the least and we were so excited to be printing it for Tiny Twiggette. Lynn was so fabulous to work with and has some beautiful design work herself. These were printed on lettra 220# paper, in ecru. Pantone matched and printed as a 1/1, this is a perfect example of how a minimalist design and single ink color can be just as impacting with out all the hooplah of a billion press colors or changes. Sized at 2×3.5″ and printed as an initial set of 250 (our minimum opening order for a set of custom or client submitted files) you can get an estimate for yourself here – we are already booking the press for February and March!

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