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I’m a push-over for vintage names – the less used the better. When I was pregnant with Evelyn back in 2007 I really loved the name Hazel. Then Julia Roberts had to name her baby Hazel. I was over ruled as well on Hazel because all my in-laws were joking about her being called Hazelnut Berry. Apparently my husband was sometimes called blueberry (I can’t remember why). People are SO smart…or at least they think they are! After Hazel was ruled out, I defaulted to my next favorite, Evelyn, and the minute she was born she was my sweet Evelyn Marie. In a world of perfect pregnancies, painless labors, mental stability and anti-aging bodies – I would love to have a few more babies. Wouldn’t it be so cute to have a little Frankie and Georgie (Francis and Georgia) running around the …

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