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In continuation with A = Art Deco Here’s a cheap DIY project that would be great for any Art Deco event. How about replacing your maids bouquets with these, or doing them as a party favor for a little girl’s birthday party! They could even hang from the back of your dinner chairs at this price! Feathers + Chinese folding fans = easy! Tools needed*: glue gun | glue sticks | scissors Materials needed: peacock feathers | felt (not too much is needed) | wooden folding fans (or another fan of your choice). Step 1: Trim 6 peacock feathers with good sharp scissors around the eye. I think the “Peacock Feathers – Eyed Sticks – Miniature” would be perfect for this project which can be found at the link above. Step 2: Cut a small patch of felt about 2-3″ round/oval. Arrange …

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