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Adriana + James

the Adrianna suite was created as a proof for another client that ended up going in a different design direction but we just loved it so much I couldn’t help but developing it out for our collection. Inspired by sweet lace and sentiments, this casual wedding suite utilizes blushes and peaches to help welcome a spring wedding’s guests. Thanks to one of my design interns, Rachel for taking the invitation design and expanding it out into additional pieces. Rachel’s task was to stay consistent with the design feel but give the suite alternation and variation within the individual papers. I LOVE how she tied in the delicate nature of the lace border into all the rest of the suite without over-doing it! How do you guys think she did?

here’s another holiday sneak peek – what do you think about an offset collection for quick ordering and customization? We certainly will continue on with the letterpress, but many have requested an offset option for holiday greetings because they need a quick turnaround.

This design is for those wishing to announce a new arrival for the holidays – more, many more genres to come. Gosh I miss my babies (although they have turned out to be pretty cute kids too)!

Natasha Cusiel, letterpress business cards

these cards shipped out the last quarter of 2012 for a recent graduate who was looking for tasteful business cards to launch her career as well as portfolio. Natasha provided files to us and we advised about how it could go on press. Because of the reverse print area and the largeness of the negative space, sometimes when we reverse print larger imagery it creates a faux emboss where the white (negative area) actually raises up out of the paper, because the rest of the printed material is pushed into the paper. Now, not all reverse prints will give this look. Fine linework or small and scaled artwork may not even be noticeable and the print will result in a much flatter look because of the coverage area involved. The great part about a large faux emboss though is that unlike embossing plates, there is no show through on the back side of the card with letterpress faux emboss.

What do you think? Faux emboss or simple flat print area?

First off – apology for dropping off last week. There were some issues with scheduled blog posts (namely this one) wanting to post draft versions or previous versions. It was something that couldn’t be attended to until the weekend so blogging sort of dropped off for the week. BUT as always time to fix and move on! Martha is traveling to the lovely Palm Springs this week and took the Monday off to prep for more posts and to also enjoy the warm weather. I can’t say I blame her – this week is panning out to be one of those serious winter blues weeks around here. Hard not to be depressed about another 6″ of new snow. Will it ever end?! With the rambling done, time to move on. FLOORING! This is a big determining factor for most first time exhibitors. To …

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So excited that these were featured on Brooklyn Bride today – Thanks Vané for sharing them! These are part of our 2012 wedding collection and provide a great change of pace in the wedding invite scene with the red suede paper (by Plike). While this paper currently is only offered in the 110# weight, we can duplex it for a super-thick invite if you are interested. The thing about this paper that I LOVE is that it takes white ink so well. I think its the combination of the more manufactured synthetic quality of the paper as well as the super smooth finish. With that said, because it is synthetic, it takes a lot more packing on press (and a little show-thorugh on the back) to get a desirable impression. Letterpress printed as a 2 color suite, pieces include but are not …

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Super excited to share this with you! I’ve been asked lately how my process works when I’m in illustrator creating a design. Often I have ideas that are a very rough sketch in my sketchbook and then I take to the computer to hash it out and explore my options. Below is a design I submitted (vote to the left if you like it) to Minted for their Take Note! Women’s Stationery Design Challenge. This is a take off of striped typography. I was going for something elegant and minimalist with a twist (or a stripe). Being a printer at hear it was hard to tell myself that the end result would be for offset printing, as it would look SO cool letterpress printed. If you click on the image you can zoom in to see the detail of the name and …

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This one may seem like a no-brainer, but traveling to NYC can get expensive fast! I could give you a list of great hotels, or link up to Travel + Leisure but instead I’m going to discuss weather, comfort and planning ahead. A few things to know before you attend. Book Early As soon as that deposit is paid to GLM for your NSS booth you can head on over and hit up TPHousing which is the travel planners for most, if not all, GLM sponsored trade shows. After really searching on my own I came to the conclusion that if you are going to hotel – book through TPHousing. You get discounts much more affordable than booking on a discount travel site like expedia, hot-wire or kayak. First and foremost, if you have card-member rewards, bonus! Use those for your travel. …

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As discussed last week, we are now delving into more detailed info regarding budget – complete with a budget worksheet to help you in your Tradeshow endeavors. Last year I gave myself a budget of $10,000 for the show after talking to many previous exhibitors. It felt like a conservative number and average number to get going. In the end I came in at just under 10k. This year I’m going about things differently. I’m weighing in what pieces will be a long term investment vs. annual investment and then budgeting accordingly. I’m going to pull the main expenses from last week’s post and dive into suggested ways of setting your budget based off of these elements. Booth Fee This is, for me, the place to start with my budget. Whether you are sharing a booth or going with an 8×10 (first …

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There is no easy way around a tradeshow and the best protection you can have is to prepare with a budget for the show. Otherwise, before you know it you’ll be throwing money left and right at anything and everything. In breaking down a tradeshow you have your major purchases, supporting purchases and minor purchases. The show you are exhibiting at will determine your focus and spending power for each area. By setting aside a total dollar amount and then breaking it down by importance and percentage you will be more confident in sticking to your budget and not feeling overwhelmed at the large amount of cash you are going to throw down. This post is going to outline a budget for attending the show. New product develemt and cost will be broken down in a second post that is more related …

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