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Mayan Chocolate Cheesecake by Martha Moench

The combination of peppers, cinnamon and allspice reminds me of a chocolate truffle called the ‘Mayan’ made by a boutique shop that is now out of business. It was a truffle that you thought about as you ate because the flavors married so well; one whose taste you wanted to make last a long time. My attempt to re-create that taste experience resulted in this cheesecake. If you’re not sure about the spice combination, take them out (leaving the vanilla in) and make it the first time as a rich chocolate cheesecake. But in my opinion, if you want to knock it out of the park, spice up your life with the original recipe. The double whammy of chili peppers with their natural ability to stimulate nerve endings and release endorphins creating a natural high, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Mayan Chocolate Cheesecake …

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