Option 1: This design is more concept based, emphasizing the circles in the typography as well as the knocked-out ampersand between Jones & Vandermeer. We wanted a subtle hint of the circular motion of a ball of yarn rolling around but also wanted it to relate to a global shape symbolizing process and the travels invested in procuring this yarn. The typography has been manipulated so that the the balls in the letters have more motion and don’t feel so static but still providing a strong sophisticated brand that is not too crafty looking.

Option 2: This design is a mix of the casual stylistic watercolors that we were inspired by on the Hermes website (per the client’s suggestion). We wanted something that spoke to the handmade generation and yet still felt high end and regal. The typography was set and then hand traced to give it a more distressed and whimsical feel, then paired with a banner and seal option that brought in a hint of Edwardian flourish without feeling too stuffy. By putting the typography on a diagonal we felt it created a more playful look to the brand without getting too childish.

Option 3: The third option is more sentimental. After hearing about the business being named after the client pet doggies, I really wanted to give this design more meaning. Often one feels proud of a brand because it is a reflection of them. We took typography in this design that had really beautiful and elegant swashes – they almost double as a doggy’s tail. I felt like they were so playful and reflective of a pets love and excitement. Since the other two designs were more concept and theory based, with this design we also explored an illustration of a ball of yarn so that the client could compare imagery versus concept.

What is your favorite and why?