My man would be ashamed if he knew I was admitting this to the mass public, seeing that I’ve lived here in Driggs now for 9 years.

And so it goes, I hail originally from Utah! For those of you not familiar with the landscape in that state it pretty much consists of fabulous mountainscapes (think 2002 olympics) and in southern Utah, the amazing redrock landscape (don’t think about the inbetween stuff, bleh). I’m really itching for some camping in Bryce Canyon or Zion’s National Park however my pregnant back is screaming no! So without further thought on life without a shower for a few days, I thought I’d make some cupcakes that reminded me of the landscape south of the border (my border that is)!  I love the rough texture of this frosting, it really adds character to the delectable taste.

Rocky Mountain Redrock Cupcakes

Of course I had ulterior motives on this one, as I wanted to show you another little something that I printed last week to go along with it…Enjoy these lovely gift tags!

Cupcake Gift Tags

Check back in a few days, as you might be able to score some for FREE!