Lemon Sprinkles Cupcake Tag

So we are blessing Charlie over Labor Day weekend (how appropriate) and I’ve got a serious entertainers itch when it comes to family events and entertaining. Maybe it’s because I live oh, 300 miles away from all of them. Or that the rural-ness that I live in breeds PARTY in me every once in awhile, but I’ve been ah-experimenting. For Charlie’s big day, I’ve been having fun with how I could use some letterpress goods and show you what I was thinking these could be used for when I designed them! (Since every one thinks they are book-marks or something :)

Aspen 2x2 Tags

You’re probably asking me “Where did you get that acid-green cocktail?” To be perfectly honest? Mountain Dew tastes a 110% better in a fluted champagne glass than it ever did in a can! And it matched those aspen tags perfectly. Thank heavens my man keeps it regularly stocked in the refrigerator.