Chris came to me after feeling too much pressure to create his own announcements for his wedding (he’s a designer too) and needed some outside help with getting it right. The brief behind the event was that it needed to reflect Victorian as the wedding was dominantly following that era. It was a Christmas wedding with all things you can imagine of a typical Victorian Christmas. Sleighs, snowflakes, vintage illustrations, amazing historical mansion, you name it – if it was going to be Victorian, elegant and spectacular – they had thought of it. Below is one of the proofs explored. This was a traditional vertical layout with the emphasis on the silhouetted initial. Another dominant design element used in Victorian publications and invitations of the time period, this is the most minimalist of the three proofs presented. This one didn’t make the cut but I just had to show how beautiful the ornamentation was on the initial. Color scheme:

nicole and chris, brown/burgundy color scheme
Chris victorian initial, wedding invitaiton proofs