This is for all you Canadians out there! It’s fall here and the aspens are turning. This was inspired out of my love for large maple trees and their gorgeous red foliage in the fall. I’ve tried twice to plant the Autumn Blaze Maple in our yard but it seems our winters are too harsh for a young sapling! Quite pathetic and disheartening. So in honor of the maples that won’t grow in my zone despite what the local nursery says, I’ve made some lovely fall Maple Leaf cards.


These are special because they don’t just come in a ClearBox, but in their own chocolate box with a letterpress maple leaf detail on the lid. AND, the envelopes are printed with maple leafs too! They come in a set of six and are getting listed in the shop today.


You’ll also see that there is a cute chocolate bag with the same maple leaf detail on it. The bag is sold separately but you should think about it for your guests for thanksgiving…wouldn’t it be cool to have one of these with a little something for your guest sitting on their plate for a special holiday dinner? You could even write their name on it, like it’s a thanksgiving place-setting present! I kill myself with my creative genius sometimes ;)