Are you in desperate need of a pedicure? My toes haven’t been done since June and as I was shooting my new debut product I thought, hmmm BLACK would be nice considering the forthcoming holiday that is only about 33 days away!

Picture 88

If you are in need of a pedicure or just a girls night out, look no more. Introducing our new line:
The Dingbat Party Pack, Ghouls Night Out.
The Dingbat Party Pack, Ghouls Night Out
12 Imprintable Invitations with beet envelopes :::
Letterpress, 2 color printed, silver and matte metallic beet

12 Skullish Place cards/gift tags with black mini-lopes :::
1 color printed, silver

12 Coasters :::
1 color printed, 6 white, 6 reverse print