This update is from Susan, Adam’s sweet mother:

Saturday they started warming Adam to 37.5 which is normal temperature, and took him off the paralytic medication at 10:30am. At about 3pm he began to show purposeful movements, kicking the nurse away with his foot, pulling away when they pinch his fingers, chewing on the ventilator tube, and reaching his hands to pull away the tubes, even opened his eyes a little tiny bit. These are good signs and very encouraging. Today they took him completely off the cooling blanket, and are letting him warm up on his own, he has a fever they are controlling with tylenol and motrin. They tried twice to put in a PICC line, and will try again this evening. We’re nearing the 72 hour time frame where the swelling will have reached it’s peak. They’ll do an MRI tomorrow or on Monday.

Sunday Adam had a blood test which revealed a bit of infection. Easily fixed with antibiotic. His oxygen was moved back to 45% because he had a little set back last night. They also did an ultrasound to check for blood clots in his legs, but I don’t know the result of that yet. Had a tube placed in his stomach to remove some excess air.(?) Now that the PICC is in they were able to remove the other IV’s. George said he woke up a little and moved some more. They keep him sedated to prevent him from pulling out the ventilation tube. When we peel back his eyelids there is a blank stare underneath. It is nice to have a little wakening and movement once in a while to let us know he’s still there. He has a beautiful color to his skin.

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