Valentine’s is rounding the corner in about a month. If you need help trying to plan a surprise for your significant other (like me) then these letterpress LOVElies might get the ideas brewing:

So since it’s been ages since I’ve hosted a giveaway, here’s a special treat for you! I’ll be posting different letterpress Valentine’s product over the next few days and if you enter to win, the best TWO (2) comment/entries will get a whole set of everything below!


1 set of Valentine’s mini notes and mini-lopes. (set of 4, 2 of each pattern)
1 When You Know Print
1 Set of Love 2×6″ Tags

I can’t get a baby-sitter (I don’t trust teenagers with diabetic children, we’ve had issues in the past) – so I need ideas for a surprise night in for my hubby! He is amazing and I really want to do something special/fun for him. COMMENT WITH YOUR IDEA, MAYBE I’LL CHOOSE YOU (be clean, please)! I don’t know if any guys read here, but speak-up, your opinion counts!

Contest ends Friday January 15th, winners will be announced sometime that weekend!