In wrapping up autumn week I thought I’d show you this experiment with edge painting. I know there are a few processes, all of which seem tedious. I recently happened upon someone who had mentioned they like to use a stamp pad/ink pad to achieve this effect so I thought I’d give it a go.


With the Lettra paper, it seemed to give great coverage on the sides however absorbed pretty quickly into the paper and onto the front. As you can see on the fanned cards, there is a little bleed that carries through to the front. The bane of every edge painters existence. I think with these cards it looks great as it adds a nice distressed element however don’t think I’ll be trying that technique on invitations any time soon.

Edge Painting, Letterpress

If you’d like to score a set of 10 of these, comment to win!

The GOODS: 1 set of 10, 3×5″ cards paired with red envelopes.
Letterpress printed in black ink. Edge painted with red ink.

1 comment per person, randomly selected sometime Sunday October 3rd. Good luck!

UPDATED! Congrats KATY! Lucky number 13.