Announcing our new little peanut: Baby Charlie.

Letterpress Baby Boy Announcements A6

New life is just so amazing! I know in a blogging world the word blessing can become quite cliche. However, sometimes there isn’t any other way to really describe it. For those of you that didn’t know or are relatively new to my blog, we’ve had quite a few life changing events in the last 9 months. The pregnancy was planned and that was about the only thing we expected from the get-go.

From the beginning I was severely ill and on bed-rest regularly (unexpected). After losing 18 lbs and turning into a waif by about 20 weeks, we had some “family catastrophies” as one may call it. My young and totally fit mother had a hemorrghic (sp?) stroke and 12 hours later our son David was rushed to the ER and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes with Ketone Acidosis. I didn’t know if at the end of the week I’d be planning two funerals or moving on to the next phase of recovery. All happening right before Christmas, I felt my life was falling apart. I can honestly admit now that a pregnancy/new baby was the last thing I wanted to add to my plate. With a whole new set of things to deal with, my husband held my hand and we learned to give injections, check blood sugar, count carbs, live off of no sleep, comfort a 4 year old with new challenges and manage a growing belly and 2 year old sister too.

As I mentally tried to prepare myself for the remainder of my pregnancy I often felt overwhelmed that this child might not get the attention and love he deserves or needs with two other children around the house. Little did I know that Baby Charlie was one of the greatest blessings I could have asked for. His impending arrival gave something to look forward to, to help us move past Diabetes and the stroke. We started to live again knowing there would be a new little spirit in our home that needed nourishing. Since the minute Charlie has arrived we can’t stop loving him and the prospect that he’s the perfect addition to our family. I really can say he’s the perfect baby and we are so happy to have him here!

Letterpress Baby Announcement Giveaway

In honor of new life and overcoming new challenges I’m offering a set of 50 Imprintable Baby Announcements with unprinted envelopes! I’ll even customize the color for you ;) You can choose from sail boats, butterflies, sharks, rhinos, or elephants!


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