Okay so I’m a little late getting this one announced. It was such a hard decision because all of the entries were so fabulous! I’m going to have to do this again for Father’s Day!

In the end though, the main things I had to think about were if it would be something that would be fun and that I could pull off on a Sunday (our town shuts down on Sunday) and I wanted to do something that I could do with the kids and then when they went to bed we could still have fun.

Ultimately I had to make a choice and instead of picking my two favorites, I decided to pick one, and let the randomizer pick the other in all fairness to everyone who commented!

No. 11 by Britt really got my brain stewing. We “camped out” last summer in our living room when it was raining alot and the kids absolutely loved it. I think since it’s been in the negative degrees a lot this winter, that it would be fun to take a “vacation” somewhere tropic. Maybe I could start a new Valentine’s Day tradition and we could travel somewhere new each year! I’m thinking pina coladas, grass skirts for the kids, key lime pie, pulled pork on buns, deck out the front room in beach stuff and do a light show for the kids like a camp out on the beach. Can’t wait to get going on this!

The random number generated was #9, Congrats to Brenda!

I’ll contact you both letting you know you’ve won! Thanks again everyone, fabulous job!