Having just had mother’s day (and thinking about all that my mom has done for me over the years) I really wanted the “Queen” card to convey something that all mom’s can relate to. Queens used to be ruthless, they would do anything to get their children on the throne – I think mother’s took it as their responsibility to raise their children up to nobility status (and many clawed their way to that position). After becoming a mother I have learned that we are still advocates for our children in so many ways. When David attended kindergarten I had to learn fast that no one would be responsible for him in school unless I demanded it. From day one, my husband and I have had to advocate for equal rights for him even with his diabetes. We’ve had to be tolerant, there to educate and also sensitive to the misinformation that people often have about this disease. I think with David’s diagnosis it has really come to the front of my mind how much mothers will do for their children, and doesn’t that make us a queen in our own right? To get one for a queen you especially love, pick it up here!