In continuation with A = Art Deco Here’s a cheap DIY project that would be great for any Art Deco event. How about replacing your maids bouquets with these, or doing them as a party favor for a little girl’s birthday party! They could even hang from the back of your dinner chairs at this price! Feathers + Chinese folding fans = easy!

Tools needed*: glue gun | glue sticks | scissors
Materials needed: peacock feathers | felt (not too much is needed) | wooden folding fans (or another fan of your choice).

DIY Peacock Feather Fan, Art Deco

Step 1: Trim 6 peacock feathers with good sharp scissors around the eye. I think the “Peacock Feathers – Eyed Sticks – Miniature” would be perfect for this project which can be found at the link above.

Step 2: Cut a small patch of felt about 2-3″ round/oval. Arrange 3 feathers and glue on felt starting with back row first. Affix 1 feather in the middle of the front row, followed by the last two on each side.

Step 3: Glue final feather assemblage onto the fan at the handle (felt to handle), but make sure there’s enough room to still hold the fan at the bottom. NOTE: You can either affix the feathers to the fan so that it’s permanently open, or work it on the top slat so that the fan still closes. Depending on what type of fan you purchase will determine whether or not one option is better than the other.

*OPTIONS: you could spray paint the fan black or any color for that matter to match the wedding colors. Also, the link I provided for the feathers offers dyed peacock feathers in a variety of color schemes, so don’t feel you are stuck with the blue/green theme on this project (think brown/rose etc.). If you end up doing that, make sure you add spray paint to your materials list!

TOTAL COST you ask? $2.75-$3.00/fan – at this rate you could go buy a new car with your left over wedding money ;)