I have to say, I LOVE my clients. Anna & Jason were no exception. I’ve been working on their branding, blog design and business cards during the 3rd quarter of 2010 and am finally getting around to blogging about the finished letterpress printed piece. Below are some of the explorations from their branding package regarding logo alternates, business card layouts and condensed exploration of their initials.

Anna & Jason were looking for refined, minimalist and something with a pop of color. Their style was amazing, and designing for them was challenging and rewarding. Every time I felt stumped, we’d have a phone call and get down to business regarding where design was going and what tweaks needed to be made. In the end I’m really proud to say that this is another of my favorites.

Letterpress printed business cards – 2/2. I love how these act as individual cards for both anna & jason – what a great way to individualize on one print run.

Edge painted with matching pantone ink – mixing this color was tricky because the pigment dried darker. I kept having to add white, then water, then white until we got the perfect shade. Can I say I’m totally digging the light orange/peachy color with the grey?It’s a fabulous departure from the yellow/grey trend.

If you have gotten this far and are paying attention!!!! Those above are custom die-cut business card sleeves. We’ll be offering them exclusively as Promo Pouches because they are just wide enough to fit in a business card or two, as well as a little something else like a compliment card, thank you surprise or a couple of offset mini Moo’s showcasing your work in addition to your contact info.

All designs ©2011 Dingbat Press – Promo Pouches, and our edge painting technique are special to us too!