i haven’t shared any branding work lately, so in trying to be fair to all elements of the business here is a first round for Bardsley Investment that we presented last fall. In our design process for a branding package or logo design we like to present our initial round of proofs in black and white so there is not too many distractions when viewing concepts as well as spacial elements within the design.

Option 1: With the above set of logos we wanted to modernize the age old tradition of investment banking and update it with a modern and less Baroque/frilly stuffy look. By simplifying the “coat of arms” and giving it a more direct illustration and layout, we could see this potentially developing out into other other brands that Bardsley initiates. By translating the coat of arms into other brands the “B” would be replaced with more direct iconography that is relatable to each investment company that is under Bardsley.

The shield traditionally represents an outer cover, protection and obviously provides security. With the current downturn in the economy, we took that symbolism as a positive element and wanted to convey that with the branding to help further enhance the strength of the company and use that as it is at the top of the umbrella with all the other ventures branching out beneath it.

The typography is minimalist and juxtaposes bold and graduating weights with each word to emphasize the first of the business name as well as soften it out upon reading it across the length of the logo. Depending on how we use color value the logo and take it into the color and hue schemes – the business name versus the shield can play into how the brand translates across different business collateral.

Option 2: This option is strictly typographic. We wanted an option to present that was refined, elegant and forward thinking. We took a Roman typeface with emphasis on flared serifs to give it more fluidity. Paired with a minimalist post-modern typeface it brings together two genres of intrigue and marries them as a complimentary whole. The swash on the “y” is intended to fall into the “N” in “investment” as an afterthought of “dipping in” to other ventures. What I loved about Bardsley’s brief was that they had a varied portfolio which felt well rounded. By pairing the more traditional typeface with the post-modern it helps round out this feel that Bardsley will look beyond its portfolio for unique opportunities.

Option 3: This option is the most abstract and reflects that more of an actual icon for Bardsley. With this we wanted to take the B & I initials and form it into a great icon that looked cool, progressive and refreshing. When I was researching for this concept I really wanted the logo to have a lot of theory dug into it and to utilize the positive and negative space to really make it a collaborative icon.

In research phase, my mind kept coming back to Bardsley’s mineral investments. While there isn’t investment in diamonds, we felt like a subordinate usage of a diamond shape in the center of the logo would subliminally symbolize the purity of investment in pure minerals. We wanted to have paths join together in the center of the logo to indicate as well the attachment to the main corporation (Bardsley Investment, Inc.) While option 1′s focus is more on the B and Bardsley, with this option we wanted to explore the focus on the initial “I” as it ultimately is an investment company that the branding is for. If you’ll notice in the grayscale version, what once was an abstract “I”, has been split via color/value to indicate the first initial “B” as a mirror image also reflecting (no pun intended) the purity of the minerals and their ability to be an unending resource.

While this logo emphasizes the conceptual importance of Bardsley’s mineral investments, we tried to give it an architectural look as well so it could meld into the furniture and real estate genre as well which were both mentions from the initial brief from the client. I could see this logo being “broken” into pieces or re-composed for all the underlying investments that live under the Bardsley name, it could get quite interesting when you start to look at the unit on different angles and planes.


This logo was from our base branding package : Logo Design/Freshen Up. We work solely on designing a beautiful and conceptual logo for our client which includes rights to the final design, all logo working files for the final logo selected and a color scheme style guide. Design work includes 3 concepts presented, with 3 rounds of revisions. For businesses on a tight budget or just getting started, this is a great way to get things going without breaking the bank. For more info on this or our other branding packages then get an estimate. We’d love to talk to you about your vision for your company and help you make it a reality!