…and everything sucks, sometimes all you can do is 

Smile letterpress 4Bar Notes

For those of you that are new as of 2009, a little more info about me. Welcome! On top of owning a design/letterpress studio, I am a mom of two awesome children and have a fantastic husband. Our oldest (4 years) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in December, and we almost lost him due to our lack of knowledge as to what was going on with his little body, literally he would have died within the following 48 hours had I not had the inclination to have him tested.

With that said, it’s been a life changing event for our little family, and I’m thankful I have work that helps pay for expensive medication and that I’m lucky to enjoy the career path I have. You all make it possible for me to continue as well, as you contribute to my product development and encourage me to continue to work hard at making you happy! I can be at home with my studio and kids and monitor daily blood checks and insulin injections, work with clients, play with kids and create. 

However, some days suck.


Today we got printed jobs out early, and then left for appointments with our diabetes specialist who is an hour and a half away from us. The little man started feeling sick so I pulled off the highway to check his blood sugar. He was approaching a low reading and we were almost to a place where we could get food. I had about a 20 minute window before it became serious (10 minutes from destination). I admit fully, I was speeding – 10mph over the limit. I got pulled over. The cop not only did not believe me when I told him that my son was having a diabetic low and I was in a hurry, but he proceeded to inform me that he was an EMT and was trained to help in this situation if indeed it was serious. However he had nothing to treat a low (sugar, candy) and insisted I give him insulin (which is the last thing you should do with a low) which I refused to do. He then made me test my son again to prove the low, in which he informed me that I could be facing a $240 ticket since I was acting irrational and uncooperative. 

Pregnant hormones and this sort of situation don’t bode well. Finally after about 15 minutes of this, I finally told him he could escort me to the dr. and write a ticket there, but that we needed to get going. To which he responded, he wasn’t going to give me a ticket and that I was getting too worked up over everything. My record indicated I had not had a ticket since 2001. 8 Years of a clean record and I get this!

Needless to say, we survived and I’m annoyed at ignorant local law enforcement. But now it’s time to shake it off an move on. Thanks for letting me vent to you. 

These cards are for those sort of situations. Simple, concise and direct. Now I just have to smile and be thankful that it wasn’t any worse. Like water off a duck’s back they say! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The luck of the Irish obviously wasn’t with me today, maybe I should have painted my face green today instead of putting make up on!

I bet the cop would have really loved that.