I have this amazing book, by Clarence P Horeuning (sp?) that I love to draw from on occasion. Although I did have a heck of a time trying to track it down…it has since been a great resource for vintage letterpress/ad cuts. Published in the late 1800s, then again in the 30s and again in the 50s. I’m not sure what my edition is but it’s OLD, I think 1934. It has all these amazing illustrations/cuts that I’ve started to scan in and archive in my “to use someday” file. There’s also a sister companion with Victorian type, initial caps and letter-forms that are incredible. Like hundreds of pages.

oak house, vintage oak tree illustration

Enter Karen. She is a lovely sister and is ordering a set of notes for someone special in her family (sibling). She wanted oak tress, and I thought “YES! finally I get to use some of these beauties!”

Now I know these might not even be oaks, but they look like it to me. Since they’re a little ambiguous I think they pass quite well for oaks.