I am SO excited to be introducing you to a new feature I’ll be hosting on Fridays with The Other Martha. I have to tell you about her.

When I was 4 (a dingbat then too), I was very mad at my mother for something silly and quite trivial. I decided to tell her that I wanted a new mother. To which she replied, “Oh really, and what mother would that be?” As I sat there and thought about it, I kept coming back to a brunette, with pretty finger nails, and a really good cook. But I didn’t voice my opinion so as not to sound too picky. My mom then proceeded to pick up the phone and dial her friend up the street. She had a lovely conversation about sending me to a new family with a newer better mother. At that point I don’t remember much else said except that my new mother was going to pick me up shortly.

Exasperated I told her, “Mom it can’t just be anyone!” Mom followed it up with, “Oh really, I thought Kathy* (name changed to protect the innocent) would be a great mother!”

At that point there was no use in not speaking my mind. I replied with “I want a mother that has brown hair, blue eyes and looks just like you.”

Mom then responded back “Just like me? Where did you meet this other mother?”

“At pre-school” I smartly replied.

“And what is this other mother’s name so I can call her and tell her she’s getting a new daughter?”

I replied smugly: “Martha – the OTHER Martha!”

My mom gave me a smile and I gave her a hug and I decided then that it was the real Martha that I wanted for my mom. Over the years we’ve joked about the OTHER Martha being Martha Stewart and my mom being the real Martha. Although the other Martha has no idea she has a tough act to follow, someday maybe I’ll meet her and tell her she was about to be my mother back in 1986.

I am so proud to come from such a creative mom and as the Friday’s come and go you’ll get to know her and her amazing cooking skillz and head into the weekend with some delicious recipes to try along with design freebies for personal use in all your parties and yearly get-togethers!

The real Martha with baby Charlie. She doesn’t know I took this photo over Christmas, but it’s one of my favorites! What beauty.