Option 1: This concept was derived from old tradesmen marks. A painter had paintbrushes & palette knife, a wood worker had chisel & hand planer and a baker had a rolling pin & whisk. We wanted to take this old trade “mark” and give it new life and thought the honey dipper and whisk would be a perfect combination. There are two “seal” options, all set in different typographic samples. With the seal we wanted it to work independently as well as with typography so there was flexibility with application and usage. We tried to keep the typography simple and reflective of 50′s decorative art and bakeries.

Option 2: This option explored the concept of gold-ribbon baking. So many great retro bakers learned to bake for family and community. I think of 50′s baking and it was the height of real home-made baked goods. I wanted to portray that ribbon of honor that bakers back in the day proudly donned in their bakeries. This logo also has a cupcake with a “bee” topper – subtle but unique. The typography juxtaposes the art deco sans serif paired with a simple script that is reflective of 50′s advertisements.

Option 3: This design is more typographic based. We went with a classic retro typeface and used the different weights to create separation between the words in the business name. With this design we wanted to give a creative approach of “cupcakes” without just sticking a cupcake in there somewhere. The idea was to “top” the letters with different frosting. Keeping it simple and straight-forward and sweet.