These cards are for Brad, a film editor – and we were exploring some different color options, as these were to be printed on grey paper – which can potentially post some ink transparency issues if the color isn’t really saturated. I love the look of the grey on grey with this card!

One of our best challenges yet, we laminated (duplexed) two sheets of 250GSM Rives BFK grey – which is oh so delicious to print on, with a 90# cover of neon blue Wausau cover sandwiched in the middle.

Makayla was getting high on spray glue, so was Adam.

The hardest part about printing this job was that with the dark paper sandwiched in the middle, we couldn’t rely on our trusty windows/light table for see-though registration on the back. The work-around was to print with the crop marks hanging off the edge of the paper so we could see the front to back registration with how the crop marks lined up looking at the sheet from a side-view.

These definitely had their moments on press, but we are always up for a challenge – especially something with
a cool outcome. Let us know if you’ve got a crazy idea, we’d love to humor you as well as win the project. Contact us with the details regarding your custom letterpress vision, we look forward to hearing from you!

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