I confess to a penchant for lemons, lemons, lemons. Having just returned from vacation with a lemon tree outside our door and a big box of lemons, I’ve been thinking of my famous lemon curd. Used it for years while owning my catering business, we have often served Cloud Meringues with Lemon Curd and Berry Sauce for our Sunday dessert. It’s a dessert that uses both parts of the egg with great success. I’ve made this dessert many times and in many incarnations: individual meringues, whole meringues with lime or orange curd (just cut back on the sugar) and whipped a pint of cream, folded it into the lemon curd and simply served it with a bowl of beautiful, big strawberries. I’ve covered two special wedding cakes with meringue. One for my niece – covered with meringue flowers that I delicately invented and piped every night for a month. My daughter (your Dingbat) wanted her cake covered with meringue spikes. The cake was gorgeous if I do say so myself, very unique and very Dingbat!

Both the meringues and the lemon curd are great if done the day before serving. Less hassle for the cook. When I first made lemon curd, the recipe I was working from called for sixteen egg yolks with the same proportions to the other ingredients listed in the recipe. I’m trying to cut back these days so put in as many egg yolks as you like, but I wouldn’t go less than six. And remember, if you find two yolks in any egg you’ll be richly blessed!

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