ITS A WEEKEND WORTH OF GIVEAWAYS so read on and see how you can contribute and be entered to win all weekend – the GOODs are at the bottom!

For those of you that may or may not know, my son David was diagnosed with Type 1 on December 1st, 2008 but we think he’s had it since he was 3 years old now that we look back on his health history.  He is completely insulin dependent and takes 6-8 injections/day to help him be healthy and happy.

To honor David’s 5th birthday which is on Sunday the 13th and to give back, we have joined a team that will walk on the 12th to celebrate the fact that he is still with us!

If you feel inclined to donate to our team you can click on the link below to be directed to our page. If you aren’t directed to our Walk Page, you may search for the walker, Adrienne Berry | Idaho as well. We are Team Super Fantastic

Thanks for being such great blogie buddies, I feel so blessed to have your love and support.

AND NOW for the giveaway: You MUST comment on this post to indicate that you have donated at the link above, I’ll match it with the confirmation email I get from the JDRF and then you’ll officially be counted.

$5 : You’ll be automatically entered to win these loveley earrings from RoundAbout. A random winner will be selected when the donations close. I chose these because I LOVE them, and because a blue circle is the symbol of Diabetes.


$10 : you’ll get a $5 gift certificate to my Etsy shop redeemable on any order!

$25: You’ll be automatically entered to win a $35 gift certificate to my etsy shop redeemable on any order!

$100: You’ll get a set of 15 Traditional Dingbat personalized notes with your name, 1 color ink, and un-printed envelopes. No need to do a random drawing, you get one if you donate $100!